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we help solve complex and high impact problems through the responsible use of data, technology and artificial intelligence

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Mática was born for and because of Big Data and it is in our work core, but we have evolved at the same time than technology has.

We saw the birth of Data Lakes with Hadoop and Spark and we have fought against the main Hadoop distributions, as Cloudera and Hortonworks, and against almost all the NoSQL databases from the market. We have evolved as technology has, getting closer to Big Data Serverless settings, mainly in Cloud and its four layers: intake, storage, processing and consumption.

Today, thanks to our experience, we provide a pragmatic vision of which technology use and in which cases, cost optimization, advantages and disadvantages of it and how to avoid usual problems.

we are master of artificial intelligence, cloud and

big data technologies...

...and we know how to apply them to your

business needs and improve your competitive advantage

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