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Provides a real time vision of what is happening in the different application and business systems and helps to identify the key needs of monitoring and how to implement them.

With BigBro by Mática you will be able to have solutions that can meet your needs, that help in the decision making and that allow to identify problems from data analysis.

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monitoring models bigbro by Mática

predictive monitoring


Detect anomalies before they happen or generate a major impact in the service.

Prevent future events for decision making.



  1. Cost reduction by reducing the number of incidents

  2.  Improved service and clients satisfaction

  3. Help in decision making thanks to the ability to anticipate

how do we do it?:

Out of the box: with models that have the tools = simple predictions in a fast and agile way

Pro: generation of own models to solve complex problems and integration with monitoring solutions.


  • Detections of future CPU peaks in servers 

  • Forecast of sales volume for the next days

  • Detection of future crashes in apps

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business cases

Operational Monitoring with ElasticSearch





Operational Monitoring to improve the control and the vision of  operations.

One of our clients from the Telecommunications sector had the need to increase the control they carried out in order to have a wider vision - and in real time - of the tasks carried out by their internal and subcontracted teams. That is why it is necessary to monitor the different operation tools they work with and provide a series of dashboards and alerts that could help our client to improve the control and the service efficiency.

In order to meet customers expectation, we needed to process a huge amount of information in real time and manage this information so it could be offered to the client with the vision they needed. That is why we decided to use a monitoring tool as Elasticsearch (ELK) and use it together with Apache Spark to pre-process the information.


Gracias a la utilización de estas dos tecnologías pudimos ofrecer a nuestro cliente la solución a medida que necesitaba, pudiendo tener un reporting automatizado de los servicios dentro de la compañía y aumentando el control de métricas como SLA’s y eficiencia de los equipos tanto internos como externos.

Thanks to the implementation of these two technologies we could provide our client with the customized solution their needed, having an automated reporting of services in the company and increasing the metric controls like SLA's and the efficiency in both internal and external teams.

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DevOps monitoring with Splunk







Monitoring of DevOps environment and of the use of every tool in the company with Splunk.

Within the process of automation and digital transformation, our client had made a large investment in building a DevOps environment. One of the needs that arose was to have a unified vision of the status of each of the applications (Jenkins, Jira, Ansible, etc.) and their use.

In order to meet these needs, it was necessary to be able to integrate with all DevOps tools and a number of other sources providing internal company information. All this information had to be cross referenced to extract the necessary information for the client. With these objectives in mind, we decided to use Splunk as a monitoring tool.

With Splunk we were able to integrate with all the DevOps tools in record time thanks to the existing plugins. Besides, integration with the other sources was fast. After the integrations, we worked closely with our client in the development of the dashboards, crossing from the tool itself the information from all sources and meeting the objectives set at the beginning of the project. Thanks to all this, our client has a global vision of the DevOps environment and can control its status and its use.

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do you need to identify problems in real time before they happen or generate big impact?

do you want to have a unified view of your apps in your DevOps environment?

do you require a centralised monitoring of the different services and Cloud providers?

do you want a clear and detailed view about the state of the different business processes  in your company?

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