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Data Quality in the Food and Beverage Sector

Data quality improvement and standardization of incoming data from several internal and external data sources.

Our client, as a global leader in the beverage and food industry, needed to know at any given time and in a trusted way the current state of sales. A unified sales vision was a big challenge for the client since the client sells online and offline to almost every country in the world. The client also has many product categories and retailers.

The client built an integrated sales platform to store all the important data from both internal and external sources in order to achieve a unified vision.Given the diversity of the external data sources (Nielsen, Kantar, etc..), the multiple nature of data access and non-standarized content, the client needed a deep data quality analysis as well as information mapping.

Aqtiva’s seamless integration capability inside a given data process, allowed the client to implement Aqtiva as the main corporate tool. The client is now able to implement data quality rules and governance before the data process is deployed into the production environments. This strategy has allowed the engineering team to spot errors or non-matching values while avoiding re-processings or data profiling actions inside the data base.

More information about AQTIVA here:

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