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Digital Ecosystem: Mática Partners

Big Data, technology and AI have multiple benefits in our daily lives. Therefore, Mática Partners helps organizations to make responsible use of their data to get the most out of their information and make strategic decisions.

Intereconomía - Alma Navarro

December 30th, 2022

On December 30, Marc Serra, CEO and co-founder of Mática Partners, was interviewed on the radio program "Ecosistema Digital" on Intereconomía, presented by Alma Navarro.

In this radio program, Marc Serra talks about the importance of the responsible use of data to shed light on the current economic uncertainty, and to successfully face any crisis, making the right decisions that can even help to come out of them stronger. He also explains what Mática is, how we work and what differentiates us from other consulting firms.

Click on the link🎙▶️ You can't miss it!

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