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First gastronomic experience created with AI in Spain.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence join forces to create a unique event.

May 10, 2023.

At Mática, we are very proud to have organized such an innovative and disruptive event as the one that took place on April 27th at the Cuina de la Boquería in Barcelona.

In this event, the protagonist was Artificial Intelligence, which helped us organize a unique and innovative gastronomic experience. From the creation of the invitation, to the selection of the venue and menu, as well as the presentation videos of each dish (script included).

This experience was an opportunity to discuss the importance of using quality data responsibly, to answer questions about the use of AI and also about the place of AI in our future.

The potential of AI is immense. It allows us to process large amounts of data and make decisions based on them. It can also contribute to identifying patterns and trends that help us address problems more effectively. And most importantly, AI achieves all of this with greater precision and efficiency than ever before. However, referring to Spiderman's famous quote: "with great power comes great responsibility". AI can be used for positive purposes, but also for negative purposes. From privacy to security, from equity to transparency, we must ensure that AI is used responsibly.

Embracing AI and data analysis responsibly can mean freeing up time for more important, innovative and creative tasks, thus improving the quality of our work.

AI and Big Data are tools created to improve our efficiency and productivity at work. By processing large amounts of information and extracting patterns and trends, we can make more informed and precise decisions. These technologies are not a threat to human work, but a tool to improve its quality and increase our capacity for innovation. At Mática Partners, we promote the "good side" of technology every day and work to make data and artificial intelligence a multiplier of great opportunities.

How have we done it?

Thanks to this technology, implemented in different content creation tools, the event organization process was more efficient and personalized, allowing for a better experience for guests and increasing the effectiveness of the public relations campaign. By reducing the time spent on less important tasks, we were able to pay more attention to detail and also decrease the stress involved in organizing an event of this type.

For the preparation of the dishes, Mática's AI experts, together with the chef in charge of creating the menu, and thanks to the recommendations provided by Artificial Intelligence, we were able to create a menu that met the allergy and taste requirements of each of the diners. A great effort was made to ensure that technology improves the gastronomic experience without replacing the creativity and passion that a chef puts into their work. It was incredible to see how AI could create such a personalized and exquisite menu!

Undoubtedly, this event has been a clear example of how technology can be used to improve the gastronomic experience and how it can be used responsibly to improve the user experience.

At Mática, we are committed to using AI responsibly and working to create innovative solutions that can have a positive impact on society. We believe that Artificial Intelligence combined with Human Intelligence can be a powerful tool to solve many of the challenges we face, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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