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Mática Partners and Gradiant join forces to ensure data quality

Based on AI and Big Data, they develop Aqtiva, which saves time by ensuring the accuracy of data and information in the ingestion process.

Big Data Magazine

May 09,2022

Mática Partners and Gradiant have worked together to improve Aqtiva, the first spin-off of the Catalan company, which guarantees the controlled and measurable quality of the data available to organizations, in order to be at the forefront of the business needs of Industry 4.0.

The rise of Big Data technologies is making it increasingly possible to tackle projects in environments where the volume of data is growing exponentially. "Although every day more and more companies have technologies for data analysis, few have mechanisms to ensure the quality of the data at the input of the support systems for decision making," explains Juan Ramón González, CEO of Aqtiva.

Aqtiva is a solution that saves time and money by applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques to guarantee the quality of the data entering the system. In addition, it allows processing large volumes of streaming data, in real time or similar, adapting to business requirements where data quality is essential for the correct functioning of AI. "In this way, we ensure that all the information that is introduced into the system has the appropriate quality" explains Agustín Cañas, director of Intelligent Systems at Gradiant, a Galician technology center that is a partner of Mática Partners for the improvement of Aqtiva.

The collaboration between both entities has been developed within the framework of the IA2CD project,

co-financed in the CDTI's R&D Cervera Transfer call, which aims to design and develop an integrated solution based on Artificial Intelligence applied to data quality.

Data: Petroleum of the 21st century

Nowadays, there are hardly any barriers to access information and everything is transmitted in a matter of seconds. Data has become an essential part of business, and speed, accuracy, completeness and reliability of data are necessary to drive business and be more competitive through Big Data Analytics techniques.

Aqtiva's differentiating feature is that data quality techniques are not applied once the data is in the system itself, but at the moment the data travels through the system, i.e. at the moment of ingest or its transformation. "Data quality is crucial when we talk about streaming, real-time or similar data processing. In short, there is no time to profile, correct or modify data that has already entered the database," says Marc Serra, President of Aqtiva.

"Our algorithm integrated in Aqtiva allows us to analyze a large volume of data and provides recommendations about the quality of the data, so that only relevant information for decision making will enter the system," says Agustín Cañas.

With an intuitive interface, everything on the Aqtiva platform is done in just a few clicks, so companies in any industry and even employees with non-engineering profiles can use it. This is an opportunity for companies to bet on quality data and stay one step ahead.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies are rapidly establishing themselves in the industrial fabric of our country. Companies have become aware of the need to digitize their processes and to add value to all the data generated and thus incorporate tools that facilitate business decision making. Most of the time it is very complex to perform the tasks of cleaning and correction of data on the data warehouses or data lakes of the organizations, so having a solution capable of ensuring the quality of the data at its entry into the system has become a critical need for any company focused on data exploitation.

About Mática Partners

Mática Partners offers solutions and services that transform data into decisions in near real time. It is a technology company whose purpose is to help solve complex and high-impact problems through the responsible use of data, technology and Artificial Intelligence.

It has a high level of expertise in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, cloud computing, event driven and data governance. With more than 15 years of experience developing analytical models, Mática Partners offers solutions and services throughout Spain, for sectors such as telecommunications, the food industry, eCommerce and retail, logistics and transportation, cybersecurity, health, sports and genomics, financial institutions and insurers, services and utilities.

About Gradiant

Gradiant is a private ICT technology center focused on connectivity, intelligence and security technologies. Gradiant is an innovation provider, with more than ten years of experience in technology incubation and more than 100 engineers, Gradiant has a presence in 30 countries and more than 300 customers.

In the last two years, Gradiant has increased its innovation projects licensing agreements fivefold, now reaching 150 licenses in 18 countries. Some of the most recent international public references include Telefónica, Vodafone, Samsung, PSA Peugeot Citroën, NATO, Indra, Everis, Babcock International and Boeing.

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