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LUZ: A documentary on AI and Big Data

Exponential technological advances are setting the pace for the future. Knowing what these changes are and where we are heading is essential to act accordingly. For this reason, Grupo Unísono has launched LUZ, a documentary about AI and Big Data, together with Marc Vidal.

Contact Center Hub

Mónica Díaz

July 19, 2021

"The customer has never been so listened to. Big data and artificial intelligence have achieved such intimacy with them that companies are not only meeting their needs, but predicting them. Sometimes we are not aware of it, but here and now, these technologies help us, for example, to make a match with a date, to buy the perfect outfit, to make a reservation at the best restaurant with just one click... Welcome to the era of big data and artificial intelligence!"

So begins the documentary that Grupo Unísono has launched together with Marc Vidal in which we can discover how artificial intelligence and big data are transforming the world.

In this first episode, of four that will take place and will be distributed on Youtube monthly, we will be able to discover: how artificial intelligence learns; the bias of data; who sets the limits to AI or how this technology has become the new revolution.

And, alongside these themes, an exquisite panel of professionals form part of this first chapter:

  • David Carmona – general manager, artificial intelligence & innovation, Washington Microsoft

  • Sergio Blas – analytics & artificial intelligence IBM

  • Jorge Velázquez – digital transformation manager Sanitas

  • Javier Lázaro – digital hub director Ferrovial

  • Francisco Pou – chief executive officer Mediacrest

  • Concha Monje – researcher in robotics and systems control Roboticslab

  • Fabiola García – neuropsychologist Universidad Complutense de Madrid

  • Alberto Calero – advisor, Menlo Park California Facebook Connectivity

Don't miss the first episode of LUZ, the documentary about how AI and big data are transforming the world!

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