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Mática Partners: AI, talent and hyperspecialization as a driver of change

This Spanish company was born 4 years ago with a clear objective: to help solve complex and high-impact problems through the responsible use of data, technology and artificial intelligence. Since then, it has remained true to its purpose by offering specialized services to companies around the world.

El Referente

May 24, 2022

Mática Partners is a Spanish company that was born four years ago with a clear objective: to help solve complex and high-impact problems through the responsible use of data, technology and artificial intelligence. Since then, it has remained true to its purpose by offering specialized services to companies around the world.

Mática creates solutions oriented to specific purposes, solutions based on big data and artificial intelligence for near or real-time decision environments. They consider themselves smart data and event driven. In addition, they master the technologies applied to AI, cloud and big data and know how to use them to meet the business needs and improve the competitive advantage of each organization.


There are six distinguishing factors that set it apart from its competition. Mática provides:

  1. Maximum knowledge and specialization.

  2. Exclusivity.

  3. High performance and maximum productivity.

  4. Transparency and honesty.

  5. Maximum confidentiality.

  6. Soul.

Mática is a company that puts survival before haste, whose most important asset is made up of each and every one of the people who form it. It is a company with soul. An intangible concept that materializes in each of its business decisions:

  • Their team is made up of great professionals and better people.

  • They flee from traditional hierarchies. Its structure is composed of living cells of knowledge made up of members distributed according to their concerns and skills.

  • They are a Km0 Partnership, 100% inclusive, which allows each employee to become a partner or associate of Mática while working in it.

  • They are faithful to the responsible use of data, technology and artificial intelligence in each project they develop.

  • They are a driving force for social change. They pursue equality and are committed to a society that offers the same opportunities to all people.

In terms of equality, Mática has achieved parity in its team in this last fiscal year, with 50% women and 50% men. A figure that it seeks to maintain and for which it will continue to work to promote STEM careers and technological positions among girls and women in our country.

The consulting firm also participates in social initiatives such as the project “La Casa de las Mil Diferencias”, organized by Asociación Española Prader-Willi (AESPW), to help all those who suffer from this rare disease. In addition, Mática has joined the "Help Ukraine" initiative, which provides new job opportunities to Ukrainian IT profiles that had to leave their country because of the war.


Mática Partners has grown by 62% during the last fiscal year (from February 28, 2021 to March 31, 2022) with a record turnover of 2.5 million euros, which represents the fourth consecutive year of growth for the Spanish consulting firm. During this current fiscal year, they expect equal or higher growth.

"The success of this past fiscal year reflects the high quality of the service we offer to all our clients and is also the result of the commitment and passion that our entire team of professionals puts into each project they undertake," says Juan Ramón González, president and CTO of Mática Partners.

The technology company was born four years ago in Barcelona and since then it has not stopped evolving. In addition to this growth, the company's staff has grown to a high-performance team of 40 professionals. Of all these new hires, approximately 35% are data scientists and 65% data engineers. Professionals hired to respond to the growing business demand for big data, advanced analytics and AI solutions and services, which has led the consulting firm to sign four new alliances: Azure, AWS, Confluent and Anjana, and also to triple its number of clients. Over the past year, Mática has added 16 new partners and associates.


Its global strategy and business model continues to focus on talent and hyper-specialization to continue offering the best possible service to its clients. It is this hyper-specialization, commitment, quality and passion for data, which has allowed them to position themselves as leaders in the field of big data, advanced analytics and AI in Spain.

Among the industries that have most demanded the services of Mática Partners, in this last fiscal year, food and beverage, telecommunications and chemical industry stand out.


The most important asset of this technology company is its employees. They are structured in knowledge cells and are firmly committed to the continuous training of their staff. In this way, they promote leadership and team spirit. From the beginning, the entire workforce has 20% of their working day to train or participate in R+D+i projects.

"At Mática we are committed to talent. We are looking for people who share the passion and excellence that characterizes us and, above all, who pursue two of our main values: honesty and hyper-specialization. We are a very "geeky" company and this is precisely what differentiates us from other consulting firms, that in our field we are the best", says Marc Serra Majem, CEO of Mática Partners.

Mática, which was born offering a model of 100% remote work, has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, whose objective is to revive the feeling of belonging, strengthen the team spirit and increase motivation among its professionals, thus managing to offer a service of the highest quality to its clients.

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