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Mática Partners, Data for solving complex problems

April 26, 2024.

Matica is a techie. It was born five years ago with the purpose of helping to solve complex and high-impact problems through the responsible use of data, technology and Artificial Intelligence. Along these lines, they offer solutions and services based on big data, AI, advanced analytics and data governance in cloud environments to multiply the productivity of companies and respond to needs in many sectors.

Equipment Care

When Marc Serra Majem (CEO) and Juan Ramón González (CTO) decide to set up the company, they set four objectives: Lead the data sector from technological hyperspecialization; become the best company for data professionals; have the most loyal clients with the highest levels of satisfaction, and remain loyal to the vocation of entrepreneurship , creating tools to help the innovation and entrepreneurship of its professionals, so that those people who have business ideas that fit Mática's strategy , can have vehicles that help them develop these initiatives. OMMA DATA was born from that vocation (the first data quality, observation and remediation tool on the market) and DAUS DATA (data specialists in AWS environments).

As B2B service providers, our main strategy is leveraged on talent and maximum specialization. Aware of the difficulty of attracting and retaining these scarce professionals, Mática offers them “attractive working conditions, as well as “interesting projects.” Furthermore, everyone who works in the company can be shareholders, which is why they call themselves a Km 0 partnership.

Another thing that they take great care of is the cash, “since we know that it is a vital point for the survival and financial independence of the company.” With this philosophy, they managed to make profits from the first year until reaching 4.5 million in net income last year. The growth of the workforce has also been exponential, going from the seven employees they had in 2018 to 56-72 last year.

They invoice more than 4.5M EUROS

To date, they have not invested in business development profiles, although they do not rule out doing so to continue growing on an international scale. Currently, more than 60% of billing is done with clients outside Spain, mainly the United Kingdom, the United States and, to a lesser extent, Latin America. Its roadmap also includes opening branches in other markets in this process of international expansion.

Likewise, they will continue to support the internal entrepreneurship process that allows the creation of new spin-offs within the group aimed, for example, at the application of generative AI.

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