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We created an article with AI and this is the result

What's behind a big decision? The importance of Big Data and AI to boost your business. A text created by Mática Partners team with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Editors: IA de and Mática Partners

August 18, 2022



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics today. In fact, you've probably heard of it and, quite possibly, even used it in some way. But what exactly is AI, how can your business benefit from its use, and how can Big Data, AI and Mática help you make high-impact decisions for your business? Read on to explore the basics of Artificial Intelligence and learn how to leverage it for better data management in your organization.

Let's start at the beginning... What is Artificial Intelligence (or AI)?

AI is a broad term that encompasses a group of technologies, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning or neural networks, concepts that you may already know, but that need to be mentioned. However, the purpose of this article, beyond understanding what AI is and how it works, is to share with you how you can use it to boost your business through successful decision making.

Artificial Intelligence has many applications today. It can almost be seen in all areas, from autonomous driving, autonomous drones, medical advances, prediction in retail campaigns, to virtual assistants such as Cortana in Windows 10 or Siri in Apple devices, among many others.

By betting on AI we may appear to be going with the crowd, but why is it so important to do so?

As we can see, the benefits of AI are many. It helps us make better decisions, increases our efficiency, improve the customer experience in our business, etc. Let's see why you should make use of Artificial Intelligence:

  • To make better decisions. To be able to analyze all the data your organization has to establish what is the next step your company must take if it wants to obtain great results.

  • To be more efficient. To have a lot of data in a structured way, allowing you to make decisions faster and more efficiently, and helping you to optimize processes, reduce errors and gain more control over them.

  • To improve the customer experience. To have a better knowledge of your target and regular customers, in order to personalize your campaigns to the maximum and offer them just what they need and how they want it. This way you can improve their experience and satisfaction with your business and services.

  • To be more competitive. Having a large amount of structured information about the competition will allow you to anticipate and always be one step ahead. Thus standing out from the rest of the competitors and making your business grow.

  • To be more proactive and, for example, be able to anticipate problems before they occur.

Three ways AI can help you better manage your data

1. AI helps you find the most important data.

2. AI helps you locate the data of value.

3. AI helps you have accurate data.

How can Mática help you get the most out of your data through the use of AI?

Mática Partners is not just another consulting firm. Our work methodology is different, we are hyper-specialized and, in decision making based on valuable data, we are leaders. We have extensive experience in helping large companies improve their data management, so if you need to refocus your strategy to achieve success in your business decisions, our team of experts can help you achieve your goals effectively.

We will analyze your current systems and business processes, as well as the future projection of your business. With the help of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we'll produce actionable insights on how to better manage your data to increase efficiency and productivity in all areas of your organization, from marketing and sales to finance and operations, giving everyone a clearer picture of how things work together so they can make better decisions, faster than ever before.

Valuable data adds knowledge and opportunities to your business

With better data management comes more information, which translates into superior insight and more opportunities for your organization. According to a recent Accenture survey, companies that have implemented AI in their processes and services have experienced an average of 14% growth in revenue over the past two years. This kind of ROI is hard to miss in any industry, especially if your goal is to grow your business.

Each passing day provides more and more evidence that AI is the future of data management. However, it is important to remember that we are at the beginning of this great process of change, that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and that, with it, so is each of its possible applications to improve the overall vision of our business strategy. Do you need to count on AI to accelerate growth in your company? This is the first decision you need to make and it is so clear that you don't need AI to answer it: Yes, now is the time. Shall we talk?


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