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Product sniper by Matica

we focus on the client, we want to know their needs and desires, maximize the customization of our commercial actions and choose the best channel anytime and measure the performance of campaigns in something very close to real time.

Graphic about data generation

The changes in people's technological habits lead to a multichannel, digital and inmmediate content consumption. The more rigid and qualified is the advertisement, the bigger will be the return of the clients. With sniper by Mática, our programmatic marketing platform, you will be able to:

  • combine information from different channels to create Digital DNA

  • define the needs of each client to improve the customization of your Marketing campaigns

  • create parameterization profiles by client. 

  • customize, even individually, campaigns from the digital DNA of each client.

  • design specific indicators to measure the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

  • know in real time the behaviour of your campaigns and take corrective action.

  • maintain with a "pixel" module of your own the traceability of your campaigns throughout the ecosystem.

"with the business oriented technology from Mática Partners we have increased the introduction of our products in the market and we have spotted the best 'influencers" and optimized our digital marketing budget in 40%"

which are the preferences and needs of my client?

what interest is being generated by my advertising?

is now a good time? is there willing to buy right now?

has my objective client just signed in for the Robinson list?

where do my potential clients connect from?

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