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Product talent by Matica

we provide knowledge - generated through social media, specialised websites and media - in order to answer the business needs in the recruitment and talent retention.

Screenshot product talent by Matica

talent by mática places the professional (candidate or worker) in the center of analysis and offers an essential competitive advantage in the recruiting and talent retention process. We improve:

  • the recruiting and talent retention "end to end" process, analysing the competition, the location, the target population and salary ranges,

  • the previous position in commercial terms, obtaining a more specific target audience that allows a more directed action with less effort,

  • predictive analysis of the process, anticipating costs, availability of information regarding the number of candidates or the impact of similar actions from the competition,

  • internal capacities for retaining talent (salary policies, incentives, career and training) and competitiveness against those of the competition.

"the use of machine learning techniques provided by talent by Mática have helped us to efficiently refine job supply and demand and have improved x10 our productivity in the recruitment processes"

in which area is there the highest supply and the least demand?

which is the average time needed to incorporate a professional in Murcia?

am I offering off-market salaries in my office in Barcelona?

is my competition getting stronger in Seville? In which areas?

which will be the costs of the new team if I win the tender in Madrid?

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