we are technology and soul,

we are specialisation and purpose

we are a company that provides solutions oriented to specific purposes and solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in near or real time decision environments. We are smart data & event driven

we are what we know

we are eagerness and creative thinking

 we are business oriented and we know Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Data Government and Event Driven 

we are young and we foster a new company model, specialised and participatory, a km0 partnership

we are partners from talent

we work with people with a very high level of specialisation, regardless its location and work conditions

we are what we provide

we are knowledge and technological excellence, we are business oriented, trust and conviction, but above all we have common sense

what do we provide?

maximum knowledge and specialisation

even in exclusivity

we are focused on data transformation for business (20% of the time of our professionals is devoted to training) and we specialise. Our company is structured in knowledge cells, what helps and enhances specialisation.

we value the market position of our clients and the competitive advantage of the projects in which we collaborate, that is why we can do it with exclusive teams and cells, even refusing to work for competition if it is about CORE knowledge.

high performance and maximum productivity

transparency and integrity

in Mática Partners we are commited to projects with responsibility, turnkey and configured. This allow us to perform our operational policies that increase competitiveness and productivity, without forgetting the abilities and career of our professionals.

in Mática Partners we are competitive and high performance thanks to our honesty when we have to accept new challenges and projects. We expound concisely our knowledge level, and together with our client, we consider if our collaboration is suitable.

highest confidentiality level


in Mática we never talk about the final client and we never use their name or image in vain; for us it is always 100% confidential. Just in cases when our clients want to spread the word, we skip this golden rule.

"in reference to that intagible that makes everyday situations of the company make sense and that adversities get solved by a complicity and inspirations chain that cannot be planned"


From Xavier Marcet. Text from the article “Empresas con alma” February 23 2018, published on his blog www.xaviermarcet.com

the team

how do we organise our teams?

In Mática we do not believe in hierarchical structures, we encourage responsibilities, but not hierarchies, as we consider them the main source of unproductiveness in companies nowadays. That is why we organise our teams in knowledge/specialisation cells, both at the operational and administrative levels. 


This facilitates a close leadership model and thanks to it we can customize and develop the management of people in the same environment as the clients/projects. Besides, we achieve a bigger involvement and commitment.

people leadership


each engineer (partner or member) in mática leads a 5 people team and looks after their:


  1. career

  2. projects (holidays, etc.)

  3. training plan

  4. communication plan

  5. annual evaluation

client/projects leadership


the leader of each cell is reponsible for the management consolidation of its different projects and initiatives:

  1. alignment of expectations

  2. engineers tracking and direction

  3. early risks management

  4. knowledge management

  5. control management

In Mática we want and we can help you to improve your decision making process, thanks to the transformation and the interpretation of your business data using Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

Contact us and find out how we can help you

we help to solve great impact and complex problems using data, technology and artificial intelligence in a responsible way.

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