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products "by Mática" supercharge the productivity of BD & AI implementations

we industrialize BigData and AI services and processes that we consider repetitive or that meet highly specific needs and make them available to the market

Logo de product oluvion by Matica

oluvion by Mática industrializes and automates the life cycle of an advanced analytics and artificial intelligence project.

Oluvion automates the data analysis in every step, from the data ingestion to the training, display and monitoring of models. Thanks to this you will be able to reach conclusions quickly and with a much lower operational cost than with traditional techniques.

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Logo de producto bigbro by Matica

Paroding the character from George Orwell's novel, 1984, bigbro by Mática is an industrialized solution, mainly based in components from Splunk and Elastic Search among others, which makes possible to provide advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to the monoritoring processes, improving substantially decision making processes. We contemplate use cases in both E2E business and infraestructures environments.

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Logo de producto quality by Matica

Data quality is one of our obsessions. Our motto is: "do not expect to get oil from your Big Data if stored data are unrealiable or mistaken. The quality data platform, quality by Mática takes advantage of Big Data technology and AI to create quality points, with few "clicks" at the beginning of data processes and ETL, so you are sure you will obtain clean, correct and useful data, even when data are processed as events in a real time environment.

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Logo de producto sniper by Matica

sniper by Mática  is our programmatic marketing product that wants to impact the user at the right time with and in a specific context.

We load, refine, automate and combine data, both external (cookies, RRSS, files, robinson list, etc.) and internal (Legacy, ERP, CRM, etc.), in real time to reach the goal with no errors and with the desired information. 

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Logo de producto talent by Matica

In a growing market or in specific profiles where demand exceds supply by far, it is essential to optimize the process of recruiting and talent retention.


talent by Mática provides knowledge - generated through social media, specialised websited and media - in order to answer the business needs in the recruitment and talent retention.

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