we need you, we still have much to learn

we work with people who say "please" and "thank you"

do you want to be mática?

Languages that you speak fluently

8 reasons to be part of Mática

we are a high specialised team with creative thinking

we work on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies, Big Data, CLOUD and Real Time, what provides you the opportunity to work with and learn from the best professionals

we are partnership km0, the difference between working with and working for

we are all part of mática, more or less depending on the value that we provide. Besides, we link everything to the career ladder

what kind of contract do you prefer? In mática we can make it possible

mática is an eco system of people who work full time, 30 h/week, freelance... tell us about your needs and we will find a solution

create your own team and link it to your results

in mática we think that talent attracts more talent, that is why we reward the attraction and loyalty of it

work wherever you want, with all the technology resources that you have in an office

slack, zoom, azure, office 365... in mática we work with social tools to work in a distributed way but keeping it close

training: you decide your plan and mática helps you to achieve it

choose how you want to grow and define your plan with us. Courses and official certificates, continuing and collaborative training and investment in each of us 

decide your own way to achieve goals together

we are very focused on productivity in order to obtain results in the most comfortable way for each of us. Our tutors and mentors program will make that possible.

work when and where you are more productive

flexible hours in our offices or in your home, all that you need so you can coordinate work with your needs

In Mática we want and we can help you to improve your decision making process, thanks to the transformation and the interpretation of your business data using Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

Contact us and find out how we can help you

we help to solve great impact and complex problems using data, technology and artificial intelligence in a responsible way.

Mática Barcelona

Av de Roma 13 Esc B Entr 2º 

08029 Barcelona

Spain (Europe)

Mática Madrid

Calle Miguel Yuste 33B 

28037 Madrid

Spain (Europe)

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