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Custom GPTs y Assistant API: A Practical Workshop

Juan Ramón González - Mática Partners

Nov 24, 2023

Despite recent turbulence at OpenAI, our colleague Juan Ramon González, CTO of Mática Partners, has crafted an engaging workshop on Custom GPTs and the Assistant API that will truly blow your mind.

The evolution of GPTs, the eagerly anticipated Marketplace, and other innovations unveiled at OpenAI's recent DevDay signal a shift towards something entirely new and thrilling.

Particularly intriguing is the concept of GPTs: the promise of creating no-code personal assistants—absolutely mind-blowing! However, what has truly captivated us is the ability to create Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), enabling us to provide specific information to the system for more precise responses.

Although we are still in the Beta version, we are confident that this is the path to the future of Generative AI models. That's why we invite you to download this fascinating workshop and experience firsthand how to customize your own GPTs and Assistant API.

This is the path to the future of Generative AI models.

IMPORTANT: You'll need an active premium account on OpenAI and should download the PDF provided at the end of the article.

Follow step-by-step through the tutorial created by Juanra González, which we share below.

This is just the beginning; soon, we'll share a second part where we'll push the capabilities of these elements to the limit, promising an experience that will leave no one indifferent.

Click on these two links to start the tutorial and share your initial impressions with us ↓.

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