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The Application of Sports Technology and Sports Datafor Commercial Purposes

by Kenneth Cortsen and Daniel A. Rascher

Additional information is available in the annexed document, at the end of the chapter


Contemporary professional football (and sports) entities have embraced technology and data to boost sporting quality. However, this development has gone beyond the playing field as technology and data also start to play a larger role in improving business performances in the football (sports) industry. This chapter looks into how technology and data in the form of sports tracking systems, cf. based on (but not totally limited to) the case of the ZXY sports tracking system, are capable of helping to translate improved sporting performances into enhanced business performances. The intensified commercialization in football from technology and data takes fandom to new heights and bring about new revenue generating opportunities. However, harnessing the increased amounts of data is associated with technical challenges and financial and human resource constraints. In some instances, the context of applying ‘big data’ in football is still premature. Therefore, the technology and data implementation in professional football needs to undergo a qualification process to secure that the applied data co-exists with a context of competent

knowledge-sharing, individual and organizational learning in order to positively develop sporting and business performances.

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The Application of Sports Technology and
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